To make sure that you and your family and all other guests have a pleasant, peaceful stay with us and to prevent any misunderstandings,

please read the Rules of the Cortijo below. These are part of our Terms and Conditions.

Key points :-

·        Your reservation is for the NUMBER OF GUESTS you made the booking for. ADDITIONAL GUESTS will NOT be allowed to check in. Please be sure to make your reservation for the correCt nUmber of adults and children

·        Credit card for lead guest and Photo ID for ALL guests required at check-in

·        Pets are allowed only by PRIOR arrangement and subject to availability. See rules below. Additional charges apply

·        Except in your apartment, upper terrace and BBQ areas all food and drink to be supplied by Cortijo La Presa. Use of our dining room is at additional cost. If you wish to have a party, please contact us in advance. Exclusive use of the whole Cortijo is also available at additional cost

·        Please leave your apartment as you find it and do not to soil or leave rubbish in public areas

·        A security deposit will be required – please see our Terms and Conditions

·        No smoking inside


1.       When you complete your reservation with us (directly or through a third party), you confirm that you agree with the Rules of the Cortijo. If you choose to break the Rules of the Cortijo, it can result in the immediate cancellation of your reservation. As soon as you enter your apartment, it is assumed that you and your guests have read and understood these the Rules of the Cortijoand our Terms and Conditionsand that you automatically accept them.

2.       Overnight stays in your apartment are only for guests for whom a reservation has been made and who have checked in. If any other person is found to be staying in the apartment, we have the right to immediately cancel your reservation and all the guests in your group. We have legal responsibilities in relation to this.

3.       Food and drink – you can consume your own food and drink inside your apartment, on the upper terrace and in the BBQ area, except when we provide catering services for you. In the dining room or bar all food and drink consumed must be supplied by Cortijo La Presa only. Catering services and use of the bar and dining room are also available at additional cost.


5.       Please respect other guests at all times. Designated “Quiet Hours” are 00:00 to 07:00 - please do not disturb other guests.

6.       You and your guests have an obligation to leave the apartment and public guest areas in the same condition as you found them – tidy, clean and with no damage. This includes taking out rubbish and recyclable materials to designated areas on regular basis.  Please be sure not to leave rubbish in or to soil or make dirty in any way the public guest areas outside your apartment or the bar/dining room. Please use the bins provided.

7.       Before you check out, please be sure that all washing up is done and replaced in the cupboards provided.

8.       You and your guests are kindly asked to take care of your apartment and furniture and equipment, both inside and outside, and all cutlery/glasses/plates, etc. Any items that are moved must be returned to their original locations. Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage any of the above items must reimburse the full amount of the damage. A security deposit may be required.

9.       In the event that extra cleaning is required (other than the normal cleaning we carry out), additional charges will apply.

10.     You are responsible for taking care of your personal belongings and valuables left inside or outside your apartment.  When leaving your apartment during your stay, we advise you always to close and lock the door and the windows. We are not responsible for any stolen or damaged items.

11.     Pets are allowed only by prior arrangement and subject to availability – see rules below.Additional charges apply.

12.     Smoking is NOT permitted inside the apartments. Please feel free to smoke on the terrace or anywhere else on the property but be sure to use ashtrays provided or to request additional ones. 

13.     You are not permitted to bring any flammable, explosive or illegal substances or any items with strong or unpleasant smell into your apartments or the property.

14.     When you leave your apartment, please switch off the lights and electrical appliances. 

15.     When using the air-conditioning for cooling, we kindly ask that you please close the doors and windows to create a cooler environment for you.  In addition, it is not necessary to leave the air-conditioning units on if you are not in the apartment.   They are powerful enough to cool the entire apartment in a short time when you return.

16.     Due to our sewage system, please do not to throw waste or any rubbish into the toilets or any other place not meant for this purpose.

17.     Swimming pool – use at your own risk. Children under 16 to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. No diving. No glassware in the pool area.  Seasonal opening times may vary, please enquire.

18.     WEDDINGS - No confetti, sorry!

19.     Any complaints or problems will be considered only if you report them immediately during your stay. If you have any issues with anything in your apartment, please notify us immediately.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with the above so that you, and all our other guests, can enjoy your stay with us


·        A security deposit of 100 euros will be paid on arrival and then returned if there is no damage.

·        Pets are not allowed to be left alone in the apartments at any time.

·        Pets are not allowed on the beds or sofas.

·        Loose pets are not allowed in the residential areas of Cortijo.

·        Pets cannot swim in the pool.

All faeces must be properly disposed of by the guest